We are currently looking for qualified candidates in the following fields of expertise:

1.  Admissions officer & coach.  Candidate must possess strong communication skills and have a strong background of experience in several of the following areas:  coaching, management, sales, recruitment, hiring, team building, Google Docs, and online based systems.

2.  Applications assistant & coach.  Candidate must possess mastery in results-based coaching, teaching, communication, data tracking, and student fulfillment and proficiency with Google Docs and online based systems.

3. Video editor and publisher. Candidate must possess a strong portfolio of video editing, SEO, social media optimization, and proficiency in Adobe Premiere.

Pay is competitive.  Training is provided both on-site and online.

If you believe that you are a good candidate for any of these positions on our team then do the following 3 steps to apply:

Step 1:  send a 60 second video describing:

A.  Why you'd be a good match for that particular position on our team.

B.  What results you have produced in the past and what results you would produce if invited to join our team.

C.  What you bring to the team.

Step 2:  send your results of the personality test at www.16personalities.com

Step 3:  send a 1 page resume with 3 references, your education, and your work history

Send all 3 to lee@pacificrimathletics.com (video, test results, and 1 page resume)